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Factors That May Influence Drunk Driving Charges

Drunk driving is against the law, because of safety reasons. But not all drunk driving charges are the same. Some are worse than others, and this will depend on a variety of factors, such as those enumerated below.

Blood Alcohol Content Percentage

There is a blood alcohol content limit. Exceeding this limit while you are on the wheel means that you are already drunk driving and you can be arrested for it. The legal limit for blood alcohol content is usually at 0.08%.

The farther you are from this legal limit, the worse your drunk driving charge will be. In fact, if you exceed 0.16%, your charge can even be elevated into a felony.

Child Passengers

If you are driving while under the influence of alcohol and have a person who is below 18 with you, your drunk driving charge may become worse compared to when you are driving alone or with an adult. This is even worse if your passenger is well on his or her development years, like someone who is below 12 or 13.

Injuries and Deaths

You are not just the only person on the road. So, if you do reckless behaviors such as drunk driving, you are putting in danger not just yourself, but the other people around you, including other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

A drunk driving accident that has injured or killed another person is likely to involve worse charges and penalties.

Number of Offenses

The penalties for driving while drunk charges may depend not just on the circumstances of your arrest, but also on your previous record.

Committing the offense a second, third, or fourth time or more have proportionately increasing penalties.

Status of License

Getting arrested because of drunk driving is already bad in itself, but it can be worse if you do not even have the privilege of driving.

Driving drunk and with a suspended license, lack of license, or any other license condition that takes away your privilege of being under the wheel, may be considered a factor and worsen the charge against you.

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