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Common Types of Medication Errors

Whenever people get sick, the very first person they see is their doctor. Patients consider those in the medical profession as people of authority and trustworthy. When patients consult them, they are expected to be provided with the proper medical care. But nowadays, there have been complaints of such trust being broken by doctors or anyone in the medical field.

People who get hurt in an accident trust doctors to prescribe a medicine or treatment that will help them recover. Unfortunately, there are doctors who commit errors in their prescription. Rather than get well, the woes of patients gets compounded and their condition gets worst. Prescription drug errors are considered as medical malpractice. There are different types of prescription drug errors and we shall discuss them here:

Administering Wrong Medication or Dosage

Different medications are administered in different ways. If the drug should be administered by shot, the nurse might inject it in the wrong place. Some drugs need to be injected in different places and if injected wrongly, the administering nurse can be liable for the error.

Mislabeling the Medication

Another common prescription drug error is mislabeling. This happens before the drug leaves the manufacturer or the pharmacy. A mislabeled medication would mean that the patient will receive the wrong medication or dosage. In this case, the manufacturer and the pharmacist would be liable for product liability and medical malpractice, respectively.

Prescribing Harmful Medicine

The pharmacist commonly has the liability in prescribing harmful medicine to patients. They are responsible for monitoring allergies and other medications that the patient is taking to avoid any harmful reactions when taking more than one medicine. It is advisable for patients to buy medicines from one pharmacy.

Failure to Warn of Side Effects

It is the job of the doctor or nurse to inform patients about any side effects of medications they are taking. As patients, you should ask your doctor about the side effects of any medication they are taking.

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